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3.1.2 Checking the Physical Partition Status

3.1.2 Checking the Physical Partition Status
Use the showpparstatus command to display the physical partition status.
Note - A user account that has any of the following privileges can execute the showpparstatus command:
useradm, platadm, platop, fieldeng, pparadm, pparmgr, pparop
XSCF> showpparstatus -a
XSCF> showpparstatus -p ppar_id
  1. -a option

    This option displays the status of all physical partitions.
  2. -p ppar_id option

    Specify a physical partition number. This option displays the status of the specified physical partition.
Table 3-4 lists the display items of the showpparstatus command.
Table 3-4  Physical Partition Status
Display Item Description Meaning
PPAR-ID Integer from 0 to 15 Physical partition number
PPAR Status
(PPAR status)
Powered Off Power-off state
Initialization Phase State of POST operation in progress
Initialization Complete POST completed state
Running Running state after POST processing completed
Hypervisor Aborted Aborted state of Hypervisor until it is reset
- Other than above (state where PSB is not assigned to PPAR)
The following example displays the status of operating physical partition 0.
XSCF> showpparstatus -p 0
00 Running