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5.2.4 Configuring a Guest Domain

5.2.4 Configuring a Guest Domain
  1. Execute the ldm list-devices command to check the resources that can be assigned to a guest domain.
    The command displays resources not used by any domain.
# ldm list-devices
  1. Execute the ldm add-domain command to create the guest domain ldom1.
# ldm add-domain ldom1
  1. Execute the ldm list-permits command to check the number of CPU cores that can be assigned.
# ldm list-permits
  1. Execute the ldm set-core command to add the virtual CPUs of two cores.
# ldm set-core 2 ldom1
  1. Execute the ldm add-memory command to add 4 GB of virtual memory.
# ldm add-memory 4g ldom1
  1. Execute the ldm add-vnet command to add a virtual network device.
# ldm add-vnet vnet1 primary-vsw0 ldom1
  1. Execute the ldm add-vdiskserverdevice command to add a device to the virtual disk server.
    The following example uses the mkfile command to create a normal file of 100 GB for use as a data storage location in the control domain. The file is added as a device.
# mkfile 100g /ldoms/domain/test/fdisk0
# ldm add-vdiskserverdevice /ldoms/domain/test/fdisk0 vol1@primary-vds0
  1. Execute the ldm add-vdisk command to add a virtual disk.
    Add the virtual disk added in step 6 to the guest domain.
# ldm add-vdisk vdisk1 vol1@primary-vds0 ldom1
  1. Execute the ldm set-vconsole command to assign a virtual console with the port number 5000.
# ldm set-vconsole port=5000 ldom1
  1. Execute the ldm set-variable command to set the startup device of the guest domain.
# ldm set-variable boot-device=vdisk1 ldom1
Note - Uppercase characters cannot be used for the device alias of OpenBoot PROM. If the name of a virtual disk added by the ldm add-vdisk command contains an uppercase character, change all the letters of the virtual disk name to lowercase. Then, set it in the environment variable boot-device of OpenBoot PROM.
  1. Execute the ldm list-bindings command to check the configuration of the guest domain.
# ldm list-bindings ldom1
  1. Execute the ldm bind-domain and ldm start-domain commands to start the guest domain.
# ldm bind-domain ldom1
# ldm start-domain ldom1