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2.3.2 Swap Space-related Considerations

2.3.2 Swap Space-related Considerations
The available virtual memory capacity is the total of the capacity of memory mounted in the system and the swap space on the disk. You need to ensure that the system has sufficient available memory capacity to perform all necessary operations.
Considerations when adding a BB (PSB)
By default, Oracle Solaris also uses swap space for the purpose of storing system crash dumps. You should use a dump-dedicated device instead. For details, see the man page of dumpadm for Oracle Solaris. The default size of the swap space used to store crash dumps changes according to the size of the mounted memory capacity.

The size of the dump device that stores crash dumps must be larger than that of the mounted memory. If a system board is added and the mounted memory increases, reconfigure the dump device as required. For details, see the man page of dumpadm for Oracle Solaris.
Considerations when deleting a BB (PSB)
If deleting a BB (PSB) also deletes memory in a domain, memory on the BB (PSB) is swapped with the swap space on the disk. Then, memory decreases as much as the memory capacity deleted. Before executing a command to delete a BB (PSB), check the entire swap space to confirm that there is enough swap space for storing the physical memory data of the BB (PSB). Also, note that there are cases where a disk connected to the BB (PSB) to be deleted is used as a part of the swap space. That is, if deleting the BB (PSB) decreases the swap space, you also need to calculate the swap space that will be lost.
  1. Suppose (available swap space: 1.5 GB) > (deleted memory capacity: 1 GB). After the deletion, the available memory capacity becomes 0.5 GB.
  2. Suppose (available swap space: 1.5 GB) < (deleted capacity: 2 GB). Then, the BB (PSB) deletion process fails.
To find out the size of the currently available swap space, execute the swap -s command on Oracle Solaris and look at the size indicated as "available." For details, see the man page of swap for Oracle Solaris.