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7.1 Overview

7.1 Overview
The live migration function migrates a guest domain from one physical partition to another while the guest domain continues operating. The live migration function is used for the following purposes.
  1. Adjusting the load between physical partitions
    The overall system load is adjusted by the migration of a guest domain from a physical partition that has a heavy load to a physical partition that has a lower load.
  2. Maintaining hardware while a guest domain is operating
    To release a system board from a physical partition for maintenance purposes, a guest domain operating in the physical partition is migrated to a different physical partition.
Upon execution of the live migration function, Logical Domains Manager on the source physical partition communicates with that on the destination physical partition to execute the following processes:
  1. In the destination physical partition, configure a guest domain with the same configuration as that in the source physical partition.
  2. Copy information from the source guest domain to the destination guest domain. Execution on the source guest domain continues.
  3. When the copying ends, delete the source logical domain, and start execution on the destination logical domain.
A logical domain can be migrated within the same system and also between different systems. Figure 7-1 shows migration within the same system. Figure 7-2 shows migration between different systems.
Figure 7-1  Migration Within the Same System
Figure 7-1  Migration Within the Same System
Figure 7-2  Migration Between Different Systems
Figure 7-2  Migration Between Different Systems