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3.2.23 Configuring a Virtual Console

3.2.23 Configuring a Virtual Console
Use the ldm set-vconsole command to assign a virtual console to a guest domain and to set the output of the guest domain console log to a file.
# ldm set-vconsole port=port-num ldom
# ldm set-vconsole [service=vcc-server] log=on ldom
  1. port-num
    Specify the port number of the virtual console.
  2. ldom
    Specify the logical domain name.
  3. vcc-server
    If the virtual console terminal collection and distribution unit service is specified for a logical domain other than the control domain, specify the name of that logical domain. As a result, the console output and log of the guest domain specified for ldom are output to the specified logical domain.
Note - Logical domain specification by service=vcc-server is supported when the virtual console terminal distribution unit service is provided on Oracle Solaris 11.
Note - The log contents are output as a file named /var/log/vntsd/(guest domain name)/console-log in the service domain specified by ldm add-vconscon.