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7.1.1 Requirements for Live Migration

7.1.1 Requirements for Live Migration
To use the live migration function, the following requirements must be met.
  1. Logical Domains Manager running at the source and destination
    Oracle VM Server for SPARC version 2.1 or later must be installed at the source and destination, where Logical Domains Manager must be running.
  2. Destination with sufficient free resources
    The destination physical partition must have enough available hardware resources for the source guest domain.
There are many other requirements in addition to the above for live migration. For details on those requirements, see "Migrating Domains" in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Administration Guide of the version used, "Notes on live migration of Oracle VM Server for SPARC" in the Product Notes of the version used. You can check whether your environment meets the requirements by executing the ldm migrate-domain command with the -n option specified. Any item that does not meet the requirements is reported as an error at this time.