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3.2.15 Setting CPU Socket Restrictions

3.2.15 Setting CPU Socket Restrictions
Use the ldm set-socket command to set CPU socket constraints. CPU socket constraints are used to assign virtual CPUs, cores, and memory only from the specified CPU socket. This subcommand is supported by Oracle VM for SPARC 3.3 and later.
# ldm set-socket [-f] [--remap] socket_id=[id[,id[,...]]] ldom
  1. -f

    This option clears constraints on all the existing virtual CPUs, cores, and memory for inactive logical domains. If the specified CPU socket for a bound or active domain has fewer resources than those defined by constraints, the constraints on resources and/or the degraded CPU socket may be modified.
  2. --remap

    This option moves virtual resources assigned to an active physical resource to another physical resource while the domain that has the virtual resources is operating.
  3. id
    Specify the CPU socket ID.
The following example sets CPU socket#2 constraints on logical domain ldom1.
# ldm set-socket socket_id=2 ldom1