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3.1.13 Adding a CPU Activation Key

3.1.13 Adding a CPU Activation Key
Use the addcodactivation command to add a CPU Activation key.
Note - A user account that has the platadm privilege can execute the addcodactivation command.
XSCF> addcodactivation {key-signature | -F url}
  1. key-signature
    Specify the CPU Activation key by enclosing it in double quotation marks ("). Copy and paste the contents of the text file containing the CPU Activation key (XXXXX_XX_XXX.TXT).
  2. -F url

    Specify the URL of the save destination for the CPU Activation key.
The following example adds the CPU Activation key for two CPU cores.
XSCF> addcodactivation "Product: SPARC M10-1
SequenceNumber: 10005
Cpu: noExpiration 2

Above Key will be added, Continue?[y|n]:y
When the CPU Activation key is added to the system, CPU core resources are not yet ready for use on Oracle Solaris.
To make CPU core resources ready for use, see "3.1.14 Assigning CPU Core Resources Used in a Physical Partition" to assign them to a physical partition.