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2.1.2 System Board Status

2.1.2 System Board Status
The XSCF manages the status for one building block in system board (PSB) units. You can use the user interface provided by the XSCF to display and refer to the PSB status. The following example uses the showboards command to confirm the PSB status from the command line-based XSCF shell.
XSCF> showboards -av
PSB R PPAR-ID(LSB) Assignment Pwr Conn Conf Test Fault
---- - ------------ ----------- ---- ---- ---- ------- --------

00-0 * 00(00) Assigned n n n Unmount Normal
01-0 00(01) Assigned y y n Passed Normal
02-0 00(02) Assigned y y n Passed Normal
04-0 00(04) Assigned y y n Passed Normal
05-0 01(00) Assigned y y n Passed Normal
06-0 01(01) Assigned y y n Passed Normal
09-0 00(09) Assigned y y n Passed Normal
13-0 13(00) Assigned y y n Passed Normal
15-0 13(01) Assigned y y n Passed Normal
For details of the user interface, see "Chapter 3 Operations for Domain Configuration."

The XSCF manages the following system board-related statuses.
Table 2-2  System Board Status
Display Item Description Meaning
PSB xx-y
(xx: Integer from 00 to 15; y: Fixed at 0)
Physical system board (PSB) number that represents one building block (BB) (where xx is the BB-ID)
R (*1) * The state where the PSB (BB) is incorporated into the current physical partition configuration or released and the configuration changes when the physical partition restarts
PPAR-ID Integer from 0 to 15 Number of the physical partition to which the PSB (BB) is assigned
SP PSB (BB) in the system board pool state
Other State where physical partition configuration information is set for a physical partition having user privileges and the system board belongs to a physical partition having no user privilege
LSB Integer from 00 to 15 Logical system board number used by the physical partition
(State of being assigned to PPAR)
Unavailable PSB (BB) that is not assigned to a physical partition and is in any of following states (including cases where the PSB cannot be recognized): system board pool, undiagnosed, diagnosis in progress, abnormal diagnosis
Available PSB (BB) in the system board pool state, with a diagnosis ended normally
Assigned PSB (BB) assigned
(Power-on state of system board)
n Power-off state
y Power-on state
(Incorporated state in PPAR configuration)
n The state where the PSB (BB) is released from the physical partition configuration
y The state where the PSB (BB) is incorporated into the physical partition configuration
(Running state in Oracle Solaris)
n State where Oracle Solaris is not operating on PSB (BB)
y State where Oracle Solaris is operating on PSB (BB)
(Diagnosis state)
Unmount Unmounted or undefined state
Undiagnosed state
Diagnosis in progress
State of normal end of diagnosis
Failed The state where a diagnosis has detected an abnormality, and the PSB (BB) is not operating
(Degraded state)
Normal Normal state
Degraded The state where there is a degraded part (the PSB (BB) can operate)
Faulted State where the PSB (BB) cannot operate because of an abnormality or cannot be managed because of a communication failure
*1 This item is displayed only if the -v option is specified.
The XSCF changes/sets the PSB (BB) status according to the situation. Such situations include installing/removing a PSB (BB), registering the physical partition configuration information, and starting/stopping a physical partition. The status similarly changes as a PSB (BB) is added or deleted during physical partition dynamic reconfiguration.

To perform physical partition dynamic reconfiguration, you need to determine how to work with the PSB (BB) according to the status of the relevant PSB (BB).