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2.1.1 Physical Partition Status

2.1.1 Physical Partition Status
The XSCF manages the physical partition status. You can use the user interface provided by the XSCF to display and refer to the physical partition status. The following example uses the showpparstatus command to check the physical partition status from the command line-based XSCF shell.
XSCF> showpparstatus -p 0
00 Initialization Complete
For details of the user interface, see "Chapter 3 Operations for Domain Configuration."

The XSCF manages the following physical partition-related statuses.
Table 2-1  Physical Partition Status
Status Meaning
Powered Off Power-off state
Initialization Phase State where the power-on self-test (POST) is running
Initialization Complete POST completed state
Running Running state after POST processing is completed
Hypervisor Aborted Aborted state of Hypervisor until it is reset
- Other than the above (state where the physical partition is not defined)
To perform physical partition dynamic reconfiguration, you need to determine how to work with system boards (PSB<BB>) according to the status of the relevant physical partition.