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3.2.24 Configuring a Startup Device

3.2.24 Configuring a Startup Device
Use the ldm set-variable command to set the startup device of a guest domain. Also use the ldm set-variable command to set whether to automatically start Oracle Solaris at the same time that a guest domain starts. By default, Oracle Solaris automatically starts together with a guest domain.
# ldm set-variable boot-device=disk-name ldom
# ldm set-variable auto-boot?={true|false} ldom
  1. disk-name
    Specify a virtual disk name.
  2. ldom
    Specify the logical domain name.
  3. true|false
    Specify "true" for automatic startup. Specify "false" for no automatic startup.
Note - Uppercase characters cannot be used for the device alias of OpenBoot PROM. If the name of a virtual disk added by the ldm add-vdisk command contains an uppercase character, change all the letters of the virtual disk name to lowercase. Then, set it in the environment variable boot-device of OpenBoot PROM.