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3.1.9 Checking the Physical Partition Operation Mode

3.1.9 Checking the Physical Partition Operation Mode
Use the showpparmode command to display the physical partition operation mode.
Note - A user account that has any of the following privileges can execute the showpparmode command:
platadm, fieldeng, pparadm
XSCF> showpparmode -p ppar_id [-v]
  1. -p ppar_id option

    Specify a physical partition.
  2. -v option

    This option displays detailed information. The Ethernet (MAC) address of the physical partition is also displayed.
Table 3-10 lists the display items of the showpparmode command.
Table 3-10  Display Items of the showpparmode Command
Display Item Meaning
Host-ID Host ID (hyphen "-" if no host ID is assigned) (*1)
Diagnostic Level POST diagnosis level (none/normal/maximum)
Message Level Detail level of POST diagnosis console messages (none/extract/normal/maximum/debug)
Alive Check Enable/Disable for Alive Check
Watchdog Reaction PPAR reaction when HOST Watchdog times out (reset/Panic process/disable (none))
Break Signal Enable/Disable for Break signals (STOP-A)
Autoboot (Guest Domain) Enable/Disable for the Auto boot function for guest domains at the PPAR start time
Elastic Mode Enable/Disable for low-power CPU and memory operation
IOreconfigure Enable/Disable for the I/O bus reconfiguration function according to the bus configuration when the PPAR is powered on or reboots (enable/disable/enable only at next start and automatically disable afterward)
PPAR DR(Current) Current setting of the PPAR DR function (hyphen "-" if the PPAR power is not on) (*2)
PPAR DR(Next) PPAR DR function settings after the next start time (*2)
Ethernet Address Ethernet (MAC) address of the physical partition (*1)
*1 Different HOST-ID and Ethernet Address values are automatically assigned to each physical partition.
*2 The PPAR DR function is enabled by default in XCP 2210 and later. Before performing physical partition dynamic reconfiguration, confirm that the PPAR DR function is enabled, using the showpparmode command. If the function is disabled, execute the setpparmode command with -m ppar_dr=on specified to enable the PPAR DR function for the physical partition that will be dynamically reconfigured.