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5.2.1 Logging In to the Control Domain

5.2.1 Logging In to the Control Domain
The descriptions in this section assume that the physical partition number of the target is 0.
  1. Log in to the XSCF shell with a user account that has the platadm privilege.
  2. Execute the poweron command to power on physical partition 0.
XSCF> poweron -p 0
PPAR-IDs to power on:00
Continue? [y|n] :y
00 :Powering on

This command only issues the instruction to power-on.
The result of the instruction can be checked by the "showlogs power".
  1. Execute the console command to switch to the control domain console of physical partition 0.
XSCF> console -p 0
Console contents may be logged. Connect to PPAR-ID 0?[y|n] :y
Note - If automatic startup is not set for Oracle Solaris, perform startup operation, and wait until the startup is completed.
  1. Log in to the control domain as a root user.
  2. Execute the svcs ldmd command, and confirm that Logical Domains Manager is running.
    The service name of Logical Domains Manager is ldmd. If the [STATE] column displays "online", it is running.
# svcs ldmd
online 16:25:31 svc:/ldoms/ldmd:default
Note - If Logical Domains Manager has not started, execute the svcadm command to start it. For details of the svcadm command, see the reference manual of Oracle Solaris.