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3.1.4 Checking Device Setting Information

3.1.4 Checking Device Setting Information
Use the showfru command to display device setting information.
Note - A user account that has the platadm or fieldeng privilege can execute the showfru command.
XSCF> showfru device location
  1. device
    Specify sb (system board (PSB<BB>)) or cpu (CPU on a PSB (BB)) as a device name.
  2. location
    If the device name is sb, specify BB-ID-0. If it is cpu, specify BB-ID-0-CPU. Here, the BB-ID range is 0 to 15, and the CPU range is 0 to 3.
Table 3-6 lists the display items of the showfru command.
Table 3-6  Display Items of the showfru Command
Display Item Description Meaning
sb System board (PSB)
cpu CPU
(Location of mounted device)
If Device is sb
BB-ID-0 (BB-ID: Integer from 0 to 15)
PSB number
If Device is cpu
BB-ID-0-x (BB-ID: Integer from 0 to 15; x: Integer from 0 to 3)
CPU number
Memory Mirror Mode
(Memory mirror mode)
yes Memory mirror mode
no Not memory mirror mode
The following example displays device setting information for a PSB in the building block BB-ID#01.
XSCF> showfru sb 01-0
Device Location Memory Mirror Mode
sb 01-0
cpu 01-0-0 yes
cpu 01-0-1 yes
cpu 01-0-2 yes
cpu 01-0-3 yes
The following example displays setting information for CPU#03 on a PSB in building block BB-ID#01.
XSCF> showfru cpu 01-0-3
Device Location Memory Mirror Mode
sb 01-0
cpu 01-0-3 yes