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Restrictions on Adding Expansion Rack 2

Restrictions on Adding Expansion Rack 2
Addition of a crossbar box using the addfru(8) command is not supported at present. To add a crossbar box, see "9.4 Adding Expansion Rack 2" in the Fujitsu M10-4S/SPARC M10-4S Installation Guide and read steps 17 and 18 as follows:
  1. Connect all the power cords of the crossbar box and SPARC M10-4S to the input power supply.
    For details, see "5.1 Connecting Cables to the SPARC M10-4S" and "5.3 Connecting Cables to a Crossbar Box."
  2. Update the firmware to the same version as that of the master XSCF.
  1. - XCP 2040 or earlier
XSCF> getflashimage file:///media/usb_msd/images/XCPxxxx.tar.gz
XSCF> flashupdate -c update -m xcp -s version
  1. - XCP 2041 or later
XSCF> flashupdate -c sync