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Restrictions on Deferred Dump

Restrictions on Deferred Dump
If the memory fails, the following warning message is output, and the panic may persist, preventing deferred dump from being performed.
WARNING: Retained memory segment overlapped with degraded memory.
[How to restore]
If this phenomenon persists, perform the following procedure.
  1. For the control domain
  1. 1. Execute the sendbreak command to stop the panic.
XSCF> sendbreak -y -p [ppar_id]
  1. 2. After stopping at the ok prompt, execute the clear-retained-memory command.
{0} ok clear-retained-memory
  1. 3. Execute the reset-all command to restart the OpenBoot PROM.
{0} ok reset-all
  1. For the guest domain
After stopping the guest domain with the ldm stop-domain command for Oracle VM Server for SPARC, execute the ldm start-domain command to start the guest domain.