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Problems Resolved in XCP 2051

Problems Resolved in XCP 2051
The following table lists the problems resolved in XCP 2051.
Table 3-48  Problems Resolved in XCP 2051
RTI No. RTIF2-130717-001
Model SPARC M10-1, SPARC M10-4, SPARC M10-4S
Description If an error occurs in the USB-SSD in the XSCF interface unit (XSCFIFU) of the PSU backplane (PSUBP) or crossbar box, the "System backup memory access error" error log may be registered. In this case, a problem such as the inability to execute the poweron(8) command or the inability to collect data with the snapshot(8) command may occur.
Workaround There is no effective workaround.
When this problem occurs, power off the input power supply and then power it on again (AC OFF/ON).