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Notes on Using USB Memory

Notes on Using USB Memory
Use USB memory as follows. Install Oracle Solaris from USB memory, save/restore the system with Oracle Solaris Unified Archives (integrated archives), and save data with XSCF commands.
Before executing an Oracle Solaris or XSCF command that specifies USB memory as the data save destination, connect the USB memory used as the media.
The saved data contains system-related information. When using USB memory, you need to take care to manage the USB memory that has the saved data, from the standpoint of maintaining security.
  1. Fujitsu does not guarantee the operation of USB memory currently sold by any manufacturer.
  2. USB memory is not suitable for long-term data retention. Use magnetic tape or disk units for long-term data retention.
  3. Some types of the USB memory used are thought to possibly cause errors such as a data read/write failure. If such an error occurs, immediately stop using the USB memory.
  4. Connect USB memory directly to a server or XSCF USB port. A connection via a USB hub, extension cable, etc. may cause an error.
  5. Do not disconnect USB memory during access. Doing so may result in an error or a command being unable to respond.
  6. To connect or disconnect USB memory in the OpenBoot PROM state, stop the SPARC M10 system and then perform the operation. If you perform the operation without stopping the system, the OpenBoot PROM may become non-responsive