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Problems Resolved in XCP 2221

Problems Resolved in XCP 2221
The following table lists the problems resolved in XCP 2221.
Table 3-39  Problems Resolved in XCP 2221
RTI No. RTIF2-140617-002
Model SPARC M10-4, SPARC M10-4S
Description On the SPARC M10-4/M10-4S, remote power management using RCIL does not work.
Moreover, if the following RCIL-related commands are executed, the "Controller response timeout" error message is output and the command ends abnormally.
Workaround There is no effective workaround.
Handle the supply of power manually for the target SPARC M10 systems and I/O devices.
RTI No. RTIF2-140611-001
Model SPARC M10-1, SPARC M10-4, SPARC M10-4S
Description Security fixes.
For details, see the Oracle website relating to the following:
Critical Patch Updates
Workaround Update the XCP firmware to XCP 2221 or later.