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Problems Resolved in XCP 2091

Problems Resolved in XCP 2091
The following table lists the problems resolved in XCP 2091.
Table 3-43  Problems Resolved in XCP 2091
RTI No. RTIF2-140117-001
Model SPARC M10-1, SPARC M10-4, SPARC M10-4S
Description When the setsnmp(8), setsnmpusm(8), setsnmpvacm(8) commands or [XSCF] - [Settings] - [Service] - [SNMP], [XSCF] - [Settings] - [Service] - [SNMP Security] on XSCF Web is executed, the "exclusive control file open error" error message is output and all setups regarding SNMP fail. This problem occurs only on XCP 2090.
Workaround Update firmware either to XCP 2080 or older, or to 2091 or later.