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Notes on Support for Disks With an EFI (GPT) Label

Notes on Support for Disks With an EFI (GPT) Label
  1. The default disk label when Oracle Solaris is installed is an EFI (GPT) label. If you need a disk with a VTOC (SMI) label, execute the format -e command of Oracle Solaris to apply the VTOC (SMI) label and then install Oracle Solaris. For details on the format command, see the Oracle Solaris Reference Manual.
    In addition, be sure to select [Use a slice on the disk] for the [Solaris slice] screen on the Oracle Solaris installation menu to ensure that the disk is VTOC (SMI) labeled.

Solaris Slices: 6.0GB unknown Boot

Oracle Solaris can be installed on the whole disk or a slice on the disk.

The following slices were found on the disk.

Slice # Size (GB) Slice # Size (GB)
------------------------ ------------------------

Unused 0 0.1 Unused 5 0.0
Unused 1 0.1 rpool 6 5.7
Unused 3 0.0 Unused 7 0.0
Unused 4 0.0 backup 2 6.0

Use the whole disk
Use a slice on the disk

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  1. If an EFI (GPT) labeled disk is used, Oracle Solaris booting from a disk of more than 2 TiB that is treated as a virtual disk is not supported.