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Notes on Remote Maintenance Service

Notes on Remote Maintenance Service
Note - Enhanced Support Facility (ESF) and Remote Customer Support System (REMCS) are supported only for the SPARC M12 sold within Japan by Fujitsu.
This section describes notes when using the remote maintenance service. See the Enhanced Support Facility User's Guide for REMCS for how to set and use REMCS.
Before Setting the Remote Maintenance Service
To use the remote maintenance service with SPARC M12 systems, you need to make settings for the REMCS agent function by using XSCF Web. In addition, the REMCS agent uses time zone information on the XSCF. Perform the following settings in advance with the XSCF shell:

- Setting necessary for using XSCF Web, such as enabling the HTTPS setting

- Setting the time zone of the XSCF

After completing the above settings, make settings for the REMCS agent function by using XSCF Web.
For details on the XSCF Web settings and time zone settings, see the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 System Operation and Administration Guide.
Time Zone for the REMCS Agent Function
The REMCS agent uses the time zone currently set for the system. For this reason, when you change the system time zone with XSCF, set the periodical connection schedule again to update the information of REMCS center.