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Problems Resolved in XCP 3080

Problems Resolved in XCP 3080
The following table lists the problems resolved in XCP 3080.
Table 3-16  Problems Resolved in XCP 3080
RTI No. RTIF2-191223-001
Model SPARC M12-2, SPARC M12-2S
Description The "DIMM address bus fatal error" message may appear and the following error log is registered during memory diagnostics, when a physical partition (PPAR) is powered-on after the memory was replaced.
XSCF> showlogs error
Date: Oct 07 06:30:48 UTC 2019
Code: 80002100-014e830134210000ff-150410040010002800f00000
Status: Alarm Occurred: Oct 07 06:29:55.240 UTC 2019
Msg: DIMM address bus fatal error
Workaround There is no effective workaround.