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  9. 2.11 Checking the Functions of the Operation Panel

2.11 Checking the Functions of the Operation Panel

2.11 Checking the Functions of the Operation Panel
This section describes the functions of the operation panel mounted on the SPARC M12-2.
You can check system operation with the system display (LEDs) and operation functions on the operation panel.
Figure 2-17 shows the SPARC M12-2 operation panel, and Table 2-13 shows the LEDs and switches on the operation panel.
For details on system operations not covered in the functional outline of Table 2-13, see "2.3 Understanding the OPNL Functions" in the Fujitsu SPARC M12-2/M12-2S Service Manual.
Figure 2-17  SPARC M12-2 Operation Panel
Figure 2-17  SPARC M12-2 Operation Panel
Table 2-13  LEDs and Switches on the Operation Panel
No. LED/Switch Functional Outline
1 POWER LED Indicates the operating status of the system.
 On: The system is running.
 Off: The system is stopped.
 Blinking: The system is being stopped.
2 XSCF STANDBY LED Indicates the XSCF status of the system.
 On: The XSCF is running.
 Off: The XSCF is stopped.
 Blinking: The XSCF is being started.
3 CHECK LED Indicates whether the SPARC M12-2 is in an abnormal state.
 Off: Normal state, or no power being supplied
 On: Hardware has detected an error.
4 Mode switch Sets the system operation mode.
5 POWER switch Starts/Stops the system.
You can perform the following operations with the switches shown at (4) and (5) in Figure 2-17.

  1. Mode switch
    This switch sets the start mode for the system. You can switch between Locked mode and Service mode on the mode switch by sliding the switch.

    - Locked mode (locked_mode )
    This mode is used during normal operation.
    You can turn on the power but cannot turn off the power with the POWER switch. This mechanism disables power-off in order to prevent users from turning off the power by mistake.

    - Service mode (service_mode )
    This mode is used during maintenance work.
    You can turn off the power with the POWER switch, but the switch is inhibited from turning on the power. Maintenance with the whole system stopped is performed in Service mode.

  2. POWER switch
    You can start or stop the system.
    The operation to start or stop the system depends on how the POWER switch is pressed and the setting of the system mode switch.