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2.9.3 Breaker Characteristics

2.9.3 Breaker Characteristics
The breaker characteristics for the SPARC M12-2 must be taken into consideration to allow the devices to be used under the right conditions. Use circuit breakers that meet the following special conditions for the distribution panel breakers for the computer equipment.

Table 2-12 shows the distribution panel breaker capacity of the computer equipment.
Table 2-12  Distribution Panel Breaker Capacity of the Computer Equipment
Device Name Power Supply Input Distribution Panel Capacity of Computer Equipment
    For Japan/North America/Other Countries For Europe
SPARC M12-2 Single-phase 200 to 240 VAC 15 A 10 A
PCI expansion unit Single-phase 100 to 120 VAC 10 A -
Single-phase 200 to 240 VAC 10 A 10 A
Note - If you use a power distribution unit between the distribution panel for the computer equipment and a device, use one whose breaker capacity matches the value in Table 2-12 or the rated value of the device. In this case, connect the power distribution unit to a distribution panel breaker for the computer equipment with a capacity equal to or greater than the input capacity of the power distribution unit.
Figure 2-12 shows the cutoff characteristics of the circuit breaker.

As the distribution panel breaker for the computer equipment, use a breaker with cutoff characteristics that have a Long-time delay type equivalent to cutoff characteristic D (IEC/EN 60898-1) shown in Figure 2-12, or one with longer cutoff characteristics.
If a breaker with shorter cutoff characteristics than cutoff characteristic D is used, the breaker may cut off power earlier when the power supply unit of a device fails. In this case, input interruption occurs on multiple power supply units connected to the same system.
Figure 2-12  Distribution Panel Breaker Characteristics of the Computer Equipment
Figure 2-12  Distribution Panel Breaker Characteristics of the Computer Equipment<span class= "/>