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A.2.4 Checking diagnosis results

A.2.4 Checking diagnosis results
Use the testsb command to perform an initial diagnosis of the specified physical system board (PSB).
testsb command
The testsb command diagnoses the configuration of the specified PSB and the operation of each device mounted on the PSB. After completing the diagnosis, the command displays the results. You can also check the diagnosis results with the display of "Test" and "Fault" by the showboards command.

The displayed diagnosis results from testsb are as follows:
  1. PSB: PSB number
  2. Test: Initial diagnosis status of the PSB
    Unmount: The PSB cannot be recognized because it is not mounted or has failed.
    Unknown: The PSB has not been diagnosed.
    Testing: The initial diagnosis is in progress.
    Passed: The initial diagnosis ended normally.
    Failed: A failure occurred in the initial diagnosis.
  3. Fault: PSB degradation status
    Normal: The PSB is normal.
    Degraded: The PSB can operate but has a degraded component.
    Faulted: The PSB is not operating because a failure occurred or cannot be controlled because of a communication failure.
Example: SPARC M10-4 diagnosis example (normal end), including execution of show-devs and probe-scsi-all
XSCF> testsb -v -p -s -a -y
Initial diagnosis is about to start, Continue?[y|n] :y
PSB power on sequence started.
POST Sequence 01 Banner
LSB#00: POST 3.9.0 (2015/01/27 14:14)
<<Displayed execution results of "probe-scsi-all">>

FCode Version 1.00.56, MPT Version 2.00, Firmware Version
Target a
Unit 0 Disk TOSHIBA AL13SEB600 3702 1172123568 Blocks, 600 GB
SASDeviceName 500003953821f374 SASAddress 500003953821f376 PhyNum 0
Target b
Unit 0 Encl Serv device FUJITSU BBEXP 0d32
SASAddress 500000e0e0272d7d PhyNum 14

<<Displayed execution results of "show-devs">>
PSB Test Fault
---- ------- --------

00-0 Passed Normal