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6.5.3 Setting the routing

6.5.3 Setting the routing
  1. Execute the showroute command to display the routing environment.
XSCF> showroute -a
Destination Gateway Netmask Flags Interface

Destination Gateway Netmask Interface
  1. Execute the setroute command to set the default gateway.
    For -n address, specify the IP address that is the routing information destination. If is specified in address, the command sets the default routing information.
    For -g address, specify the gateway address used in routing.
    For interface, specify the network interface to be set. For SPARC M10-4, either bb#00-lan#0 or bb#00-lan#1 can be specified.
XSCF> setroute -c add -n address -g address interface
  1. The following example adds the default gateway IP address for XSCF-LAN#0 of BB#00.
XSCF> setroute -c add -n -g bb#00-lan#0