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2.9 Preparing Power Supply Facilities

2.9 Preparing Power Supply Facilities
This section describes the electrical specifications, power cord specifications, facility power requirements, and grounding requirements of the SPARC M10 systems.

To minimize component failure rates, stable power supply such as with a dual power feed or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) must be prepared. The component failure rate is likely to be higher when the system operates in an environment with frequent power outages or unstable power supply than in an environment where the supply of power is stable.

Electrical work and installation must be performed in accordance with the electrical regulations of the region, municipality, or country.
Note - If the system will be used in a region where an appropriate input power outlet is not available, contact a certified electrician. Have the electrician remove the connectors from each power cord and connect the power cord to a dedicated branch circuit. Check the electrical regulations of the region about installation conditions.