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2.9.4 Grounding requirements

2.9.4 Grounding requirements
Ground each chassis appropriately according to the input power type.
  1. For single-phase input
    The components of each chassis do not include a grounded (three-wire type) power cord. Order the power cords that match the device. Always connect the power cords to grounded power outlets.
    To confirm the type of power supplied by the building, contact the facility administrator or a certified electrician.
  2. For three-phase input
    No power cord is supplied for three-phase input. Grounded power cords must be connected from the distribution panel directly to the terminal boards of power supply chassis as part of local electrical work.
    Although common grounding is possible with this device, grounding methods vary depending on the building of the installation. When using common grounding, ground devices such that the grounding resistance is equal to or less than 10 ohms. Be sure to have the facility administrator or a certified electrician confirm the grounding method for the building and perform the grounding work.
    Also, do not connect to the IT power distribution system of a power supply facility where the neutral phase of three phases is not grounded. Otherwise, equipment may malfunction or be damaged.