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Problems Resolved in XCP 2332

Problems Resolved in XCP 2332
The following table lists the problems resolved in XCP 2332.
Table 3-20  Problems Resolved in XCP 2332
RTI No. RTIF2-170130-001
Model SPARC M10-1, SPARC M10-4, SPARC M10-4S
Description Even though the ldm add-spconfig command has been executed to save logical domain configuration information, the following may not be properly displayed during a live migration of a logical domain:
- The state of the moved logical domain to be displayed by the XSCF showdomainstatus command

- The state of the logical domain of scfDomainStatus in the XSCF extended MIB definition file

At this time, in an environment that uses the cluster software, the software tries to switch clusters if the interconnect of all the clusters fails. In that case, there may be double startup of a user application, and as a result, data inconsistency may occur.
[Example] After guest01 is moved from another SPARC M10 to the local SPARC M10 through live migration, the showdomainstatus command should display the Status of guest01 as Solaris running. However, it actually displays it as Host stopped.
XSCF> showdomainstatus -p 0 -y
Logical Domain Name    Status 
primary                  Solaris running 
guest00                  Solaris running 
guest01                  Host stopped
ldm list 
primary   active   -t-cv              4      1G      0.5%    3d 21h 7m 
guest00   active   -t---        5000    8      1G      23%    10h 
guest01   active   -t---        5001    8      1G      23%    20h
Workaround Before moving a guest domain from another SPARC M10 to the local SPARC M10 through live migration, reboot all the XSCFs connected to the local SPARC M10 by using the rebootxscf -a command.
The XSCFs must be rebooted every time a PPAR is powered off and on.
Reboot the XSCFs after powering off the PPAR but before performing a live migration.
If you turn the input power off and on when powering off and on the PPAR, you do not need to execute the rebootxscf -a command.
[How to restore]
After rebooting all the XSCFs connected to the SPARC M10 by using the rebootxscf -a command, perform a live migration to move the guest domain whose state is not displayed properly, or restart the guest domain.