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PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 Power Calculator

PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 Power Calculator ("Tool") provides sample power consumption values for your planned PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 configuration.
If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, do not use this Tool.


Fujitsu Limited ("Fujitsu") gives you the right to use the Tool solely for calculating power consumption for a single system configuration. Results obtained through the use of the Tool are estimation of power consumption in your environment and Fujitsu will not warrant accuracy of the results.

Power Calculator

Please select the required components .

Base Cabinet System Board (SB)
SB CPU Module
(2.40GHz/30MB ,10cores)
CPU Module
(2.13GHz/24MB ,8cores)
8GB Memory
(4 x 2GB DIMM)
16GB Memory
(4 x 4GB DIMM)
32GB Memory
(4 x 8GB DIMM)
64GB Memory
(4 x 16GB DIMM)
I/O Unit (IOU)
IOU PCI Express Card
SAS Disk Unit
SASU Internal storage
Management Board (optional)
Power Feed
PCIB PCI Express Card
Power Feed


Base Cabinet Maximum Power Consumption  W
Maximum Apparent Power  VA
Heat Emission  kJ/h
Apparent Power  W
System Usage Rate  %

You can obtain outputs including maximum power consumption with System Usage Rate ranging from 0 to 100 percent by moving the slider above.

Maximum Weights  kg
PCI Box Maximum Power Consumption  W
Maximum Apparent Power  VA
Heat Emission  kJ/h
Maximum Weights  kg


  • This tool provides sample power consumption values for PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 configurations.
    It estimates the power consumption for your chosen planned configuration under specific operational conditions. Please only use these calculated values as estimations.
    Power consumption will differ from the actual value shown depending on server load, application, environment, and other factors. For precise results, actual measurements based upon the exact conditions as occur at your operational site are recommended.
  • Please note that discontinued products might be included in such configurations and units may differ from those in actual use. Please contact your Fujitsu sales representative for available configurations.
  • The Tool and information obtained by the Tool may be changed or updated without prior notification.
  • In no event shall Fujitsu be liable for any direct, indirect damages arising from the use of the Tool or caused by or in relation to the Tool.